A Guide to the oils you produce, and which ones you need.


Our skin is made up of a complex system designed to protect and heal itself. In that system, we have sebaceous glands, which produce a waxy, oily substance called sebum. Your face and scalp contain the most sebaceous glands, which is why you might see more breakouts on your face than on other parts of your body. It's when your sebaceous glands become overactive that problems can arise like acne. That's why it's important to keep your skin healthy and balanced.
Our skin is the largest organ. What we use on our skin not only affects the external, but is also absorbed and can even reach our bloodstream. It only makes sense to treat it well.


Chemicals and synthetics are often composed of small particles and are readily absorbed into the skin and can then circulate from there to the rest of the body. The beauty industry is notorious for including "organic" in a brand name or claiming that a product is "all organic," but there are no regulations to the term organic when it comes to beauty and skincare in the US. That's why you need to check the ingredient labels to see if they contain an all USDA Organic Ingredient List (USA) or EcoCert Approved Ingredients (Europe). With Certified Organic and EcoCert Ingredients, you can lessen your chemical load, avoid contaminates, and prevent a very long list of hormone disruptors from entering your body. Plus, Organic Ingredients are just as effective as synthetic ones.


Different oils have varying profiles that compliment your skin's natural sebum production, hydrate, color-correct and brighten. Using pure face oils mean that you cut out unnecessary fillers, alcohols, and synthetics that don't contribute to your skin's health. Kalmaya's carefully selected face oils are naturally hydrating and lock in moisture, which is good news for all skin types. For oily complexions, the right oil can also help balance sebum production since over cleansing or drying can lead to oily skin and breakouts later. Face oils hydrate and create smoother, brighter skin.


All of our face oils provide long-lasting hydration, are non-comedogenic, and are ideal for sensitive skin. We make sure that all of our oils are well-balanced with 100% USDA Organic or EcoCert Approved Ingredients. If you're looking for something very light, take a peak at MOONLIGHT. If you're more interested in moisture, anti-aging, and balancing out your complexion, look to ROYAL ROSE. For a versatile Tea Tree infused cleansing oil, try DAYLIGHT. Read below for an in-depth guide to each face oil.
The Royal Rose is amazing! It made my skin so soft and smells really light like real roses. I was trying to get rid of this breakout on my chin for a month, and this oil got rid of it in one night! I also got the Awaken Coffee Eye Serum and I love that it smells like coffee. It's really smooth and my skin definitely looks brighter. I'm so surprised how they both felt. They soaked in and didn't have a greasy feel.        ~Rachel H.


Anti-age • Silky Skin • Hydrate • Protect • Reverse 
Organic, omega-rich Sea Buckthorn plus Vitamin A filled Rosehip lend to the vibrant hue of ROYAL ROSE Anti-aging Oil. This silky smooth face oil is a favorite for all skin types and ages for a smoother, brighter appearance.


ROYAL ROSE contains Organic Rosehip Oil which is rich in hydrating Vitamin E as well as Vitamin A, for a radiant glow. Rosehip also contains Vitamin C, a known natural anti-aging element that brightens the appearance of dark spots. Rosehip is non-comedogenic and best used in combination with other ingredients for better balance, which is why we included Organic Argan and Camellia.


ROYAL ROSE  includes Organic Argan, which balances skin. Argan provides deep hydration for all skin types and is known to help moisturize and make your skin silky soft. Our Organic Sea Buckthorn is filled with healthy fats, including all of the Omegas. It also contains Vitamin E and C, to revive skin. ROYAL ROSE also includes Organic Rose Otto, a favorite among essential oil experts for its soothing nature and rich floral scent.  Organic Neroli and Bergamot naturally brighten while Frankincense and Sandalwood are packed with antioxidants.


Squalane is a non-comedogenic and light oil that feels like silk. About 12% of the skin's sebum is made up of squalene, your skin's own version of Squalane. You lose squalene as you age starting in your 20s and 30s.


That's why we formulated the brightening oil MOONLIGHT, which includes fast-absorbing Squalane and calming Organic Blue Tansy for sensitive skin. Our Squalane Oil is EcoCert Approved- the European standard for Organic Cosmetics. This is our lightest face oil for fast hydration that lasts all night. This oil naturally soothes and brightens with Organic Camellia, Acai, Jasmine, and many other nutrient packed ingredients. The Organic Blue Tansy also naturally color corrects redness.


Squalane can come from sharks, so make sure the Squalane you use is plant derived! Our Squalane is EcoCert Approved and naturally derived from cane sugar plants. Safe for sensitive skin and safe for sharks.


Skin Clearing • Balances Oil Production  • Hydrates
CLEAR DAY was specially formulated as a daily use, skin-clearing and oil-balancing facial oil. This well-balanced oil is packed with healthy omegas as well as natural sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, for healthier, brighter skin.


The main ingredients of CLEAR DAY include Organic Argan, Rosehip, and Camellia Oils. Argan is a mainstay in facial oils since it's packed with Vitamin E, linoleic acids, and omega fatty acids, which make it great for moisturizing and balancing blemish-prone skin. It's not-too-heavy and not-too-light. Argan combined with hydrating Camellia and anti-aging, brightening Rosehip make the perfect combination for this daily use skin-balancing and clearing facial oil. 

CLEAR DAY is infused with anti-microbial Tea Tree to cleanse and refresh your skin. Nutrient-packed Lavender, Sandalwood, and Vetiver calm irritation.


Reduce Puffiness & Dark Circles • Color Correct • Anti-age
Our All Organic Formula melts in with caffeine and Vitamin-E rich Coffee Oil. This Coffea Arabica is soothing and full of healthy omegas to plump skin. Our formula also brightens with Jasmine and Neroli while Acai Berry moisturizes and color-corrects skin. Hydrate with anti-aging Rosehip and get your glow on with oil-balancing Argan.


AWAKEN COFFEE OIL includes organic, sustainably sourced Acai Berry Oil. Acai Oil is a natural emollient, is packed with antioxidants, and improves skin elasticity. Its deep greenish color also instantly color corrects redness. Our Coffee Oil is also a natural color corrector, is rich in Vitamin E, and contains anti-aging, skin firming caffeine. The heavenly natural scents of Organic Neroli and Jasmine brighten while Frankincense, Lavender, and Sandalwood soothe.


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