Health First Beauty

Kalmaya is a heath-centered company. That means we are dedicated to creating products that are clean, natural, vegan, earth-conscious, and good for your skin. We painstakingly research and test every ingredient and formula to bring effective, top-shelf products to your doorstep. Kalmaya excludes unnecessary preservatives and additives such as: parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, artificial scents, and toxins. Only healthy, clean and natural ingredients are included in our products. 

Organic, Clean, Effective Formulas 

It's possible for ingredients to be both Organic and Clean. At Kalmaya, we focus on skin health- and that means effective, precise formulations. Our products are meticulously balanced with an attention to pH levels, as well as skin sensitivity and health. 

Kalmaya products are centered around the connection of body, mind and skin. Stress plays an important factor on our skin, so we look to soothing ingredients to formulate clean, health-centered products. We draw from natural sources for natural skin. After all, you should feel good about what you use every day.  

Purely Green, Completely Vegan

We focus on every detail from natural, vegan ingredients to sustainable packaging and effective shipping. Our supply chain minimizes the time from nature to bottle. That means products ship out and arrive fresh and effective.